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RBT Gyms got in touch with us for help in bringing in consistent, high-quality leads at optimal costs but our work with them was a tad different in comparison to our other clients. Prior to working with Attain, RBT was already doing extremely well in the market so in order to scale a business of RBT’s calibre, we had to look into innovative strategies and techniques to grow the company.

We worked closely with RBT’s founder, Travis, throughout the whole campaign in achieving his visions and goals which also included plans to open up several new gyms. For Travis, opening up a new location was less of a challenge compared to bringing in new clients through the door; he needed some sort of guarantee that when these new gyms are launched, there will be more than enough paying clients on day one to give RBT a boost in both cash flow and business momentum.

To achieve this, we devised a lead generation strategy that focused on bringing these new locations to capacity as soon as possible in addition to managing the marketing process of existing RBT gyms. We settled on these goals to kick off RBT’s campaigns:

Generate leads for the newly built RBT gyms to fully fill up client slots on launch day
Generate leads and improve the marketing for existing gyms by leveraging RBT’s offers and promotions
Improve conversion rates for RBT’s products and services as well as lowering marketing costs (cost per lead, acquisition costs, etc.)

Attain ran 3 campaigns in January for RBT which brought in more than 3,000 leads for the newly-opened gyms, essentially generating an average of 500 leads for each location. We managed to help RBT achieve a fantastic 38% conversion rate of leads to sales (767 sales in total) with an average acquisition cost of just $31—less than a fraction of what each client is worth to RBT.

We also met Travis’ expectations by acquiring over 200 paying members on day one for each of RBT’s new gyms as well as 360 new clients to existing RBT branches. These numbers netted more than $2,500,000 in contract value for RBT and we achieved all this by spending only 70% of the marketing budget allocated to us by Travis and his team.

RBT enjoyed huge success with Attain’s marketing campaigns thanks to our expertise in utilising irresistible offers which in this case was RBT’s 28-day challenge. We designed the offer in such a way that each dollar spent on marketing is going to net a 5-10x return on profit, meaning that RBT were earning, not losing money on promoting their services.

Attain still maintains a fantastic partnership with RBT today where we’re continuously generating high-value leads each month for the business. Instead of worrying about finding new members, Travis can now spend more time with his family and the business across all 21 RBT locations knowing that Attain has got his marketing process nailed down to a tee.


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One of Attain’s favourite success stories was our work with Bronze Bombshell, an award-winning beauty salon based in Perth. Business was great but the company’s founder, Lydia, was frazzled.. Despite the success, Lydia had to devote too much time to manage, not only the business and her team, but also the marketing and lead generation.

The overwhelming workload took a huge toll on Lydia which prompted her to get in touch with Attain to manage her marketing. At the same time, we were also looking to scale Bronze Bombshell to the next level revenue-wise by bringing in more leads at noticeably lower costs. Since the business already had a great reputation, we focused on crafting captivating core offers that were both effective and profitable as a way to attract potential clients.

In just the first month of working with Bronze Bombshell, we brought in 99 leads with a fantastic cost per lead of $13.84 and $16.03 for the business’ lashes and tanning services respectively. We managed to keep up the momentum across the months, resulting in an increase in Lydia’s revenue from $4,000 a month to more than $10,000 a week. As of today, we’ve generated more than 400 leads for Bronze Bombshell thus enabling Lydia to look into opening new branches across the country.

One of the key factors of Bronze Bombshell’s success was Attain’s expertise in using self-liquidating offers; our strategy was designed in such a way that the business would turn a profit instead of losing money in ad spend, essentially making marketing free for Bronze Bombshell.

We also improved significant rates significantly by tweaking Bronze Bombshell’s One of our best achievements was increasing the business’ spray tanning service conversion rate to 40% on the payment page. This saw 60 new clients sign up and pay in full for the service in one month alone. As the payment page is within the marketing funnel all of these sales were made without even picking up the phone Allowed Lydia and her team to focus on what they do best while clients come in and make bookings on auto-pilot thanks to Attain’s work.

The different Beauty offers that we marketed for Bronze Bombshell to fill different service offerings within the business:

  • Lash Lift + Tint
  • Eyelash Extensions
  • Eyebrow Makeover
  • Spray Tanning
  • Brazilian Waxing


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Prior to working with Attain, Lauren was unsure of how to bring her swim school business, SwimAway, to the next level. The business was doing relatively well but leads were inconsistent which left Lauren in a pickle as she could only rely on referrals as her main lead generation tool. Tired of being at the mercy of the next referral, struggling with Facebook ads and online marketing, Lauren decided to get in touch with Attain.

For starters, we put a lot of focus on creating strong and cost-effective marketing campaigns for SwimAway to engage with prospective clients. Like all of our projects, highlighting the advantages and benefits of Lauren’s business—which in this case was her dedication to her students.

In only 5 days of working on the campaign, we brought in 90 leads to SwimAway with a fantastic conversion rate of 60%. The average cost per lead was also brought down to a measly $1.71—less than 1% of the business’ client lifetime value—thanks to Attain’s optimised marketing strategies.

Over the course of our work with SwimAway, we have acquired 419 leads for the business and generated $239,700 in revenue with a total ad spend of just $3,867.16. Our work helped the business to achieve an ROI of more than 6,000% in just under a year of working together which has subsequently allowed SwimAway to expand to a new location. And we have no signs of stopping yet. This is a dream partnership.

Lauren is still with working with us today where we’re bringing in 50-60 leads per month on average to SwimAway while maintaining the low cost per lead (less than $20 per lead). With Attain, Lauren can now forget about the stress and challenges of running effective marketing campaigns and instead, have more time to focus on other important aspects of the business.


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CrossFit South Wharf is a gym that was struggling to gain enough quality leads which continued to stall the growth of the business. The service they provided to clients was excellent and the coaches go above and beyond in their work but leads were still not coming in consistently, leading the gym’s owner, Sam, to call Attain.

Sam was looking for help in scaling the business as well as improving other important areas like improving lead conversion rates and running social media campaigns. He could work on these things himself but each second spent on marketing is a second taken away from what he and his team are most passionate in—helping their clients to achieve their dream fitness goals.

Our goal was simple: we needed to crank up the leads generated each month as well as lead conversion rates while keeping costs low. We achieved these goals by completely revamping CrossFit South Wharf’s marketing strategy; instead of relying on overused textbook digital marketing strategies, we introduced innovative approaches to the marketing campaigns and made sure that they revolved around the business’ strengths and how CrossFit South Wharf can solve their target audience’s pain points.

In just under a week, we restructured the key components of Sam’s marketing plan (e.g core offers and location-based advertising) as well as assigning them an Account Manager to personally assist Sam and his team throughout our working relationship.

Within 10 days of the campaign, we managed to acquire 44 leads and 7 new members for CrossFit South Wharf, a target that would’ve taken the business months to achieve prior to working with Attain. Instead of worrying about clients walking through the door, Sam is now more concerned about hiring more staff as he has tons of clients and leads consistently coming in each month.

We’ve also managed to help Sam build a great community (that is still growing today) thanks to the consistent stream of high-quality leads generated by our marketing campaigns. Now, Sam and his team can spend most of their time on giving awesome experiences to their clients and improving the business without worrying about marketing thanks to Attain’s support.


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Fitness Renegades is an Australian-based strength and conditioning center that focuses heavily on helping their clients achieve their fitness goals and change their lives for the better, covering all bases from nutrition to personalised training support. Fitness Renegades was already doing well prior to working with Attain with the business generating roughly $10,000 per week but they knew they could do more. They just needed more leads, and more hours in the day.

Despite the success, the company’s founder, Chaucer, was struggling to keep his work-life balance in a good place. He had to work insane amount of hours every single just to keep up the momentum of Fitness Renegades which meant that he didn’t have enough time to spend with his family let alone taking care of himself. Chaucer wasn’t just running the business, building the team, he was also trying to manage the marketing. Chaucer had big dreams for the business, but something had to give.

Chaucer reached out to Attain to assist him with lead generation, allowing him to regain time, implement new marketing initiatives but also, scale the business in terms of size and revenue. After our discussions with Chaucer, we settled on these goals for Fitness Renegades:

  • Provide top-notch marketing support to the business hence allowing Chaucer and his team to spend more time on giving excellent service to their clients
  • Steadily grow the business’ client base and monthly revenue
  • Improve lead generation in addition to cutting down costs in an effort to increase profit levels

Since working with Attain, Fitness Renegades grew to a staggering weekly revenue of $35,000—more than 3x the initial revenue of the business when the partnership first started. Attain also managed to bring in more than enough clients to Fitness Renegades including an impressive 6-week period where more than 100 new members signed up for the business’ programs. And the growth hasn’t stopped.

With stress-free lead generation and the most valuable gift of time, Chaucer is expanding his business to a new facility with more coming soon.

Not only have we provided far more competitive lead costs than the client could achieve on his own, we are also constantly innovating new marketing, new ad delivery systems, and new platforms to optimise and improve the client experience with FR marketing. Attain also assisted in content marketing which helped Fitness Renegades to build trust among it’s existing and potential clients and establishing the business as experts within the community.

Today, our marketing strategies allow Fitness Renegades to gain more than 100 leads each month while the business itself is projected to earn close to $2,000,000 this year. With our work, Chaucer is finally able to manage the main services of his business as well as spending more time with his family and his newborn twins—a far cry from his one-man struggles a year back.


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Like most business owners, Michael Wong was looking for ways to grow his training facility, GW Performance, without taking a significant hit on the amount of time he spends working in the business. The business was doing alright but leads were not coming in quick enough and cash flow was not the best; in other words, the business was not performing as well as Michael wanted.

To achieve his goal, Michael enlisted Attain’s services to help GW Performance generate more leads quicker and at higher conversion rates. After several meetings and discussions with the team, we settled on a rapid-fire day marketing campaign to bring in as many warm leads as we can to GW Performance within 14 days which was in line with the client’s vision and requirements.

With such a short timeline, our work had to be flawless so we focused on two key elements of the marketing campaign to achieve optimal results:

  • Planning and crafting highly effective social media campaigns to attract high-quality leads
  • Optimising GW Performance’s marketing campaigns (sales funnels, landing pages, etc.) to maximise lead conversion rates as well as reducing the average cost per lead

In just the 8th day of the campaign, we managed to bring in 80 leads to the business; the same number of leads would’ve taken Michael and his team 6-9 weeks to achieve previously so we’ve essentially sped up Michael’s lead acquisition process by more than 5x in such a short amount of time.

At the conclusion of the campaign, we acquired a total of 95 leads in just 14 days, allowing GW Performance to break their membership records which was great for Michael’s facility; having sessions close to capacity is extremely important as that generates an amazing, positive vibe around the gym which naturally flows to the coaches and members themselves.

Not only did we help Michael in achieving his ideal figures for the business, we also built an atmosphere that can only lead to happier and more valuable long-term clients. Attain also assisted in improving conversion rates by assisting the GW team with our Sales Training, leading to lower cost acquisitions and more high-value clients into the business.

Over the course of the last 3 months and with Attain’s expertise, GW Performance acquired an additional 152 leads with an average cost per lead of $13.19—a very good number despite the fact that we’re competing in the extremely competitive fitness industry.

Attain is always working to hit monthly lead targets, without exceeding the budgets provided.

With Attain, Michael can kick back and spend most of his time working with his clients and team members knowing that warm leads will come in each month without fail. Instead of spending valuable time on launching and optimising marketing, the GW Performance team can now invest their resources in other things like creating great content, running seminars and innovating the client membership experience, to attract even more members to the business and retain them.