Liv Jones

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With a talent for balancing the high flying entrepreneurial, and often mercurial world, with the commercial realities, Liv Jones has always had a talent for saying it like it is, and simplifying the overly complex. With global sales experience, a background in design, a double degree and besting her year in Business Law, there is very little this woman can’t do, or at least pretend she does and work out a way to make it happen in record time.
Coming from an entrepreneurial family, and always working with forward thinking and fast paced organisations, the challenge of growing RBT alongside her husband from the ground up was just another amazing opportunity that provided a platform to grow a family legacy while utilising their respective talents for explosive growth. From one gym, to the 21 RBT gyms currently, and growth for 2018 set at a new location secured each month, it certainly has been a ride to remember. Not to mention has grown with 2 Children under 3 during this time.

Small Business Performance Coaching grew out of their joint love of scaling businesses, and the challenge of working across different industries, after 5 years of coaching internationally, the Think Tank was born with the focus being to grow 1000 SMEs across Australia. As if that wasn’t enough, the challenge of marketing for their businesses meant scale was inevitable and Attain Media was created. Focussed on Social Media ROI based Lead Generation for SMEs around the world. Not only that they started Strength Through Pilates and a Family Foundation If Not Now Then When, with lots more to come.


Travis Jones

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Travis Jones is the founder of the Result Based Training Group.
With vision, sacrifice and his trademark relentless determination, he built RBT from the ground up, from an empty warehouse to the vibrant and market leader it is today.

The name RBT has become synonymous with excellence, knowledge, support and above all results. 6 years later, 2017 will see 16 RBT gyms in 3 countries, and growing fast.

Not satisfied with being just another number, and with a desire to help others, extending beyond the gym floor, TJ didn’t stop there. Travis has also launched Small Business Performance Coaching with his wife, coaching small businesses to 7 figures, Attain Media, providing ROI based lead generation for SMEs, and the family foundation If Not Now Then When.

With TJ, you never know what is coming next. In everything he does, Travis challenges you to be the best you can be, to achieve all the goals you set and then exceed them.


Stephanie Kwan

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A world voyager who loves street food, singing off-tune and cheap thrills, Stephanie started dabbling in Account Management with a Digital Branding Agency since 2009.

Don’t let her innocent looks get to you, she’s the driver of multiple award winning digital advertising campaigns for multinational companies with proven track record of anchoring key accounts for her previous company. That’s a mouthful – but it means that she knows her stuff, so don’t mess with her, OK?

Stephanie’s smile always light up everyone’s day, which is why she has amazing rapport building skills. Her ability to cultivate a strong relationship with her clients is what makes her such an important member in Attain.


Lacey Yeomans

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Hey there! I’m Lacey Account Manager at Attain Digital!
In case you’re wondering where to send chocolates, we’re located in South Melbourne – surrounded by amazing cafes and all kinds of great food! (They’re my 2 favourite indulgences, by the way. Hint hint.)
A little about me: in my downtime, I like to explore new places, go to markets, collect more cacti’s for my growing collection, eat good food and coffee, and spend time by the beach with my dachshunds.

You know what’s funny? I was actually from an admin background! I left school early to pursue a traineeship and have been in many various roles working in the Government & Education sectors.

But then I found my passion and strength in marketing – specifically social & digital marketing. My passion led me to become a graphic designer working in a design studio. Soon after I decided to become a freelance designer. I also do organic social media strategies and scheduling.

I absolutely love design and digital marketing, and working at Attain allows me to combine 2 of my skills and passions to help the clients I’m working with


Teresa Scott

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Teresa is the Super Executive Assistant and Client Happiness Manager at Attain Digital!

She is a Kiwi that moved to Melbourne only a few short months ago from Wellington, New Zealand.

Absolutely loving everything Melbourne has to offer, you’ll find her out exploring the city and all its hidden treasures, playing social netball or baking up a storm in the kitchen.

While back home in New Zealand through completing Graphic Design and Digital Media studies, she found her passion in Social Media. Working at Attain Teresa continues to learn and grow her passion.


Sienna Allan

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Sienna hustles like nobody else does. While others are on their 5th snooze button, she’s already running towards her dreams before the sun rises. Even her chill time is in beast mode lifting heavy weights for fun.

Sienna dazzles businesses with her supercalifragilistic high-converting marketing funnels that guarantees positive ROI’s. She creates the perfect storm making it rain leads and the only traffic she likes is the digital kind.

A wizard with her cooking and Facebook Advertising is her jam. With mild OCD when optimising, savage split-testing, geeking out on data analytics and self-declared hunter with her retargeting – Sienna WILL deliver results.

When she’s not screaming with excitement from the latest digital marketing tech updates, she’s creating winning strategies for many types of businesses – from real estate, fitness gyms, crossfit box, service professionals, health & beauty.

It’s about creating impact when you work with Sienna who is passionate about leading the team towards assisting business to grow and thrive. A cheeky prankster who loves funnels, and a star in the world of marketing – she’s Attain Digitals ‘Funnel Hackstar’.


Aliz AJ

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Conversion copywriter by day, heavy metal vocalist by night (or the other way round), Aliz, affectionately called the office’s “Copy Queen”, is constantly eating snacks while teaching business owners on how to write effective, engaging, converting ads to promote their services.

Aliz first started as an Internet Marketer in 2008, and has created courses, provided personal business coaching, and was one of the top traffic vendors in the biz opp online space until he found love in direct-response copywriting. He also loves reading, enjoys making people laugh and accepting free food without question.

In less than 2 years, (and being completely broke for 6 of those months) Aliz quickly became a sought-after copywriter, hired by 2 different online companies and now has sold his soul to Think Tank and wishes only to grow with this amazing team. Other than constantly writing and reading about human behaviour and consumer psychology non-stop, he writes articles, poetry, and wonders what to have for dinner.


Roy Xiong

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As the resident sneakerhead he’s always on the lookout for limited edition, rare and exclusive sneakers to add to his Wall of Kicks collection, whilst also running out of closet space because the boxes can only stack up so high. He is highly skilled at distinguishing between real quality and this attention to detail transfers to his meticulous monitoring of campaign stats and analytics.

When he’s not raising his pet guinea pigs or marking his calendar with the latest release date of new kicks he is busy launching Facebook campaigns and geeking our on ad performances and tracking ROI for the team. Roy provides client weekly reports on Cost Per Lead, potential Cost per Acquisition, Expected Sales Conversions and Expected potential ROI on ad spend.

A very humorous guy who is always sharing interesting and useful fact, with his knack for numbers he hunts down the best deals including unheard-of discount on brand new iPhoneX. As Attain Digital’s Campaign Manager he has been with the team ever since he graduated from the University of Melbourne with a Masters in Finance, and a Chartered Financial Analyst Level 1 certificate.

As a sneaky sneakerhead with an envious collection, he is a real team player with a go-getter attitude making him a valuable member of the Attain team.


Joseph Wang

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Joseph started working with Attain since April. Even though Facebook is a new thing for him, he quickly became one of the best in the team. Fast learner, reads a lot, and loves playing with numbers – that’s why he’s one of Attain Digital’s awesome Campaign Managers.

If he’s not loading Facebook campaigns or monitoring stats, he’s busy working out. Achieving his goal of losing 20kg in a year! Joseph also provides client weekly reports on Cost Per Lead, potential Cost per Acquisition, Expected Sales Conversions and Expected potential ROI on ad spend.

Because of his slight OCD and mild germaphobia, all his reports look professional, consistent, easy to consume and understand. Plus having probably the cleanest kitchen in the neighbourhood.

A great team player, Joseph’s a rising star in the Attain Digital team!