Liv Jones

With a talent for balancing the high flying entrepreneurial, and often mercurial world, with the commercial realities, Liv Jones has always had a talent for saying it like it is, and simplifying the overly complex. With global sales experience, a background in design, a double degree and besting her year in Business Law, there is very little this woman can’t do, or at least pretend she does and work out a way to make it happen in record time.
Coming from an entrepreneurial family, and always working with forward thinking and fast paced organisations, the challenge of growing RBT alongside her husband from the ground up was just another amazing opportunity that provided a platform to grow a family legacy while utilising their respective talents for explosive growth. From one gym, to the 21 RBT gyms currently, and growth for 2018 set at a new location secured each month, it certainly has been a ride to remember. Not to mention has grown with 2 Children under 3 during this time.

Small Business Performance Coaching grew out of their joint love of scaling businesses, and the challenge of working across different industries, after 5 years of coaching internationally, the Think Tank was born with the focus being to grow 1000 SMEs across Australia. As if that wasn’t enough, the challenge of marketing for their businesses meant scale was inevitable and Attain Media was created. Focussed on Social Media ROI based Lead Generation for SMEs around the world. Not only that they started Strength Through Pilates and a Family Foundation If Not Now Then When, with lots more to come.