Aliz AJ
Copy Writer

Conversion copywriter by day, heavy metal vocalist by night (or the other way round), Aliz, affectionately called the office’s “Copy Queen”, is constantly eating snacks while teaching business owners on how to write effective, engaging, converting ads to promote their services.

Aliz first started as an Internet Marketer in 2008, and has created courses, provided personal business coaching, and was one of the top traffic vendors in the biz opp online space until he found love in direct-response copywriting. He also loves reading, enjoys making people laugh and accepting free food without question.

In less than 2 years, (and being completely broke for 6 of those months) Aliz quickly became a sought-after copywriter, hired by 2 different online companies and now has sold his soul to Think Tank and wishes only to grow with this amazing team. Other than constantly writing and reading about human behaviour and consumer psychology non-stop, he writes articles, poetry, and wonders what to have for dinner.