Sienna Allan
Marketing Strategist

Sienna hustles like nobody else does. While others are on their 5th snooze button, she’s already running towards her dreams before the sun rises. Even her chill time is in beast mode lifting heavy weights for fun.

Sienna dazzles businesses with her supercalifragilistic high-converting marketing funnels that guarantees positive ROI’s. She creates the perfect storm making it rain leads and the only traffic she likes is the digital kind.

A wizard with her cooking and Facebook Advertising is her jam. With mild OCD when optimising, savage split-testing, geeking out on data analytics and self-declared hunter with her retargeting – Sienna WILL deliver results.

When she’s not screaming with excitement from the latest digital marketing tech updates, she’s creating winning strategies for many types of businesses – from real estate, fitness gyms, crossfit box, service professionals, health & beauty.

It’s about creating impact when you work with Sienna who is passionate about leading the team towards assisting business to grow and thrive. A cheeky prankster who loves funnels, and a star in the world of marketing – she’s Attain Digitals ‘Funnel Hackstar’.